A Soldier's Stories

Between Sgt. Rock and a Hard Spot   A strange mix of events that begin with an enemy psychological warfare attack at FSB Wahington in mid December 1968, then an exchange of POW's January 1, 1969 near the Cambodian border and as yet unreleased documentary about the familys search in 2009, for one man that stars in enemy propaganda leaflets left at FSB Washington. 

Stars Visit FSB Washington   A surprise visit by movie stars Joey Bishop and Tippi Hedren at FSB Washington.

C-Ration Pizza   Making pizza using only ingredients found in our 1943 series C-Rations, and Tabasco Sauce, to make and cook pizza in the hinterland.

Dust   Vietnam dust was a dry season pleasure, both to live and work in.

Mud: The Other Season   Mud season was very different from dust season in Vietnam.

Malaria Pills  Taking these pills was a digestive track nightmare. So were the mosquitos, carriers of disease.

Payday   Before we got our monthly stipend our shots and shot record were updated. The final insult was being paid in Monopoly Money.

Soul Shaking Experience   A story I avoided telling for decades. This day changed me forever; I felt real fear for the first time in my life and learned a lesson I use today.

Trash   Our American and the Vietnamese view of waste or trash were not the same.

Betel Nut Chewing   Gross habit!

Short: Time to go Home   Counting the days left in Vietnam.

Moon Landing   Trying to explain to a rural Vietnamese woman that the US had landed men on the moon.

Burning Shit   How the Army wasted our human waste and created the ultimate punishment detail.

M-16s and LSA   For my friend Doug Teel, a story about the M-16.

Accurate Artillery Fire   The art of hitting the target.

Roadside Vendors   Capitalism Vietnamese style.

Sandbags  Do they deserve a story?

Vietnamese Squat   A new way for Americans to sit.

Weeds   Just what is a weed?